The Hot Noir Novel

Now available as a trade paperback and an e-book at Amazon.com, "Wasted Talents" is a psychological suspense thriller set in 1995 Hollywood. When a would-be television writer who can't catch a break goes slumming by selling a quickie porn script, his resulting obsession with a manipulative adult-video actress leads to sex, death and a brutal quest for vengeance. "Wasted Talents" is erotic, tragic, funny, shocking...and hotter than hell!


Who Is James Dawson?

In addition to being the author of several novels including "Wasted Talents," "Hollywood Eclipse" and "Rebel Hell," as well as the short-story collections "Chop House" and "Pierce Hitler, Dada Detective," James Dawson is the writer of more than 1,000 movie reviews and numerous entertainment-industry features for various websites and print publications. He also has written more than 400 fiction and non-fiction pieces that have appeared in places ranging from The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times to Marvel Comics and Penthouse Forum.


Two Ready-To-Shoot Screenplays

"Wasted Talents" and "Rebel Hell" also are available as feature-length screenplays. For more information about "Rebel Hell," click the link below.

The South shall rise again...
From the DEAD!


The Other Hollywood Novel

Also available now as a trade paperback and an e-book at Amazon.com, "Hollywood Eclipse" is a psychological suspense thriller about a cynical entertainment journalist who is worried that he may be just as bad as his very evil twin.