The South Shall Rise Again...
From the DEAD!


Now available as a trade paperback and e-book at Amazon.com (click the book's cover above to go there), REBEL HELL also is available as a comics series and an original screenplay that combines horror, suspense and some extremely offbeat humor. Imagine a twisted hybrid of "Gone With the Wind," "Twin Peaks" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," then turn everything up about a dozen notches.

The year is 1863. A psychotic Confederate soldier escapes a burning asylum. Fleeing through the Virginia woods, he stumbles upon the caravan of civil war photographer Pierce Wylie in an otherwise deserted Union camp.

Wylie's caravan is stocked with various chemicals and gunpowders, from which he has been trying to formulate a better flash powder. In a rage, psycho Johnny Reb breaks open all of the containers, pours everything into a pile, shoves the tip of his rifle in the stuff, and pulls the trigger. The van explodes in a huge, and slightly strange, fireball.

Cut to Union and Confederate soldiers engaged in a pitched battle. When only a few are left standing, a smiling man in contemporary clothes and carrying a wireless microphone steps into their midst. "And that's the way it was, folks, during the historic Battle of Leidsburg! Let's give a big hand to everyone involved in that stirring re-enactment!" The dead begin getting to their feet amid much applause.

Nearby, however, things are about to turn far less festive. In a booth on the carnival-style midway set up for "Battlefield Week," Pierce Wylie IV is preparing to photograph a smiling family. When he sets off his "just-for-show" flash powder, psycho Johnny Reb materializes...and promptly begins bayoneting and shooting everyone in sight.

He has been thrown forward in time 150 years, to a world where the historic battlefield is about to be sold to foreign car makers; where the town is run by a rich fiend and an appallingly corrupt mayor; and where the otherwise straight-arrow sheriff is cheating on his wife with a deputy who happens to be a former hooker.

Also, there is the fact that Johnny just plain won't die...

REBEL HELL has it all: a great title, a smart script, sex, violence, nasty humor and a great twist ending!


What the Rebel Hell are you waiting for?

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Who the Rebel Hell Is James Dawson?

L.A.-based James Dawson is the writer of the horror short-story collection CHOP HOUSE, the suspense novels WASTED TALENTS and HOLLYWOOD ECLIPSE, and more than 400 fiction and non-fiction pieces that have appeared in places ranging from The Washington Post to the Marvel Comics "Ultimate Silver Surfer" anthology to Penthouse Forum. In addition to news, reviews, essays, articles, ad copy and a comic strip, Dawson has written humor, horror, SF and fantasy.


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